Decorative Matting

decorative-matting-4All art deserves a stage.

Presentation of the art is an essential component of the art itself. Initially, the purpose of a mat was to provide an area for visual relief — a ‘white space’ to eliminate distraction of nearby surroundings. Mats also serve a role of protection and preservation. Today, the purpose of mats is expanding to include a decorative role in the overall completed frame design.

Our experienced artisans have the skill and creativity to coordinate a presentation worthy of your art while ensuring the primary focus remains the art itself. We enjoy helping our clients design a custom and unique piece that they can be proud of. Although the possibilities with custom matting are endless depending on the outcome you are looking to achieve, some considerations could include:

  • Mats are available in many colors, patterns and textures, which can be selected to coordinate with everything from the art itself to your room décor.
  • Custom cuts can accent or mimic an irregular shape in the art, angled corners can hide a blemish on a vintage piece, and/or wider mats can be used to increase the size of the overall display.
  • The number of mats used can vary to highlight a variety of colors and accentuate depth.
  • More than one window opening can be created to showcase a variety of pieces, allowing more than one item to be framed and displayed together.
  • Openings can be aligned using uniform or weighted borders, adjusting mat margins to create desired balance.

Mats are an important part of the visual presentation in picture framing. When customized, there are countless possibilities to serve your design goals and preferences. Contact us today for ideas and inspiration.