What type of frame and glass should I choose for framing?

Choosing a frame is a process. At Emilie Cohen Studios we will take time to explain the many design aspects involved in selecting framing materials, including profile width and depth, color, texture, sheen and degree of ornateness. Read more about Considerations and Types of Frames.

What’s the difference between custom-made and ready-made?

Ready-made frames are mass produced in standard sizes: for example, 8×10, 11×14 or 24×36.  Emilie Cohen Studios does not carry mass produced frames since our emphasis in on quality and preservation. If your project budget does not afford the custom price, we will try our best to put a mat around the piece which will fit into a ready-made frame.  What materials touch the artwork is the most important factor in terms of what can damage the piece in the long run.  An inexpensive frame placed around the work is not what will destroy the art.

How should my heirloom or contemporary art be framed so that it won’t deteriorate over the years?

At Emilie Cohen Studios it is our goal to provide education and advice on preserving precious items.  While there are many factors and options to consider depending on the object to be preserved, every project is treated with the same amount of care, attention and expertise.

How might I discern if my antique frame is an original or a reproduction?

While it is often a great challenge for antique dealers to authenticate a piece of antique furniture, it can be a bit easier with old frames.  Besides the profile of the moulding, the ornamental design and surface finish, one of the first things to examine is the back of the frame.  There may be labels or hand written text which would give important information.  Joinery techniques have differed over the decades and the age of the wood will be apparent as well.  A piece that has served for 100 years looks a bit different than a piece fabricated ten years ago. Read more about original vs. reproduction frames.

Can a damaged antique frame or piece of furniture be fixed?

While we don’t specialize in miracles, we’ve successfully tackled many different types of repairs from missing ornament sections to losses that expose the wood substrate.  In gracious and candid style, the first step is to discover the nature of the damage and any evidence of prior attempts to repair it.  Read more about restoration.

What can I expect from conservation services for my project?

The goal for all of the objects needing conservation, irrespective of their age or condition, is to evoke the former glory of antique pieces and to elicit the inherent beauty of the more modern works.  The end result will be that they will not look “new,” but rather well cared for with a sense of character.
Read more about what to expect.