Types of Frames

Today’s frames are made from a variety of materials- wood, aluminum, plastic, and polystyrene (plastic-injected).  Styles and finishes run the gamut of everything you can imagine- from barn wood to hand rubbed finishes to welded aluminum.  Styles and colors change with the decorating market – colors and profiles can be popular one year and hard to find two years later.

There are hundreds of moulding styles, colors and widths available. The approach is to take several things into consideration: what the artwork is, where it is going to be hung, and what the client likes in terms of style (contemporary, traditional, etc.), color, width of the frame itself, value of the piece and budget.  The combinations are endless but I have found that often the choices can be brought down to 5-8.  There are surprises sometimes where a piece would seem easy to display but is a challenge because the colors aren’t quite right.  Or something that would initially be challenging, just the right profile shape and matting are quickly discovered.  It is a process which I try to explain to my clients.