What To Expect From A Restoration

Ready to have the piece come back to life? What can I expect from my restoration?

Just because something is an antique doesn’t mean it was made well.  If you’re thinking of having something restored, the first step is to have the piece examined first for mechanical construction and second for damage.  Lots of things can cause damage- insects, temperature variations, humidity levels, ultra violet rays, moving, to name a few.

The initial consultation will take about 15-30 minutes. During this time, it can be determined whether the piece can be restored or conserved.  Some of the damage is immediately obvious- loss of ornament or exposed gesso and wood due to surface loss, over paint from prior restoration attempts, etc.

Some of the questions asked during the initial conversation will be:

  • What is the damage and how was it caused?
  • Is the piece covered in radiator paint?
  • Have pieces of ornament broken off or are missing?
  • Are these broken pieces available?
  • Is the surface so filthy that grime and dirt obscure the finish?
  • Is the wood torqued and cracking in places?

If the client wishes to proceed, a thorough condition examination of the piece is done over the course of a few days.  A treatment proposal accompanied by an estimate is then written in the form of a contract which the client signs and returns to the studio with a deposit.  The proposal provides a description of the piece, the client’s request, the nature of the damage and a course of treatment.