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Considerations about Framing

When a piece of artwork is brought in to be framed, there are a lot of questions to be asked.  However, the starting point is the artwork itself: What is it the medium? What is the best practice for mounting or securing it in order to be hung on the wall? In what condition is the art?  Is its value emotional, financial or perhaps both?  Will it be displayed or stored? What is the genre of the art?  Where is it going to be hung?

Design issues are then considered: What types of frames can be selected for the pieces?  Does it need matting around it?  If so, what color would enhance the piece?  Should the mat be decorative?  Are there several objects of different depths that need to be placed in one frame?  Options, risks, and materials are discussed in detail.

While artwork from a particular period does look nice in frames of the era, contemporary works can look equally stunning in an older style frame.  In trying to select a moulding profile for your piece, factors like width, style, color, finish and budget are taken into consideration.  Cost of products is discussed through the selection process so that you feel comfortable that the right combination of design and price is achieved.

Let’s not forget about custom designed matting- fabric, decorative and elegant French mats for old photographs and prints that can look stunning on contemporary pieces as well.

In quick review, our approach is to take into consideration several factors:

  • The medium of the artwork
  • Where it is going to be installed or stored
  • Personal design preferences
  • Value of the piece
  • Budget