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Custom Framing

Custom framing by Emilie Cohen

Artwork that is of value to its’ owner deserves a custom frame. It may be fine art, a favorite print or photograph, or a hard-earned degree. The piece could be inherited, a memento recently acquired, or a newly created keepsake just beginning on its heirloom legacy.

Experience the Difference

A standard size, mass-produced frame, along with a piece of regular glass and paper matting, can be readily found in different styles and colors at various retailers. Created on an assembly line with inexpensive materials – without regard to archival standards, styles, and glass choices – these standard frames are modestly priced. However, when it is a special memento of an event, or a collection of objects, or a piece deserving of museum-quality materials, or simply something of a unique measurement — the professional custom framing services of Emilie Cohen Studios are highly recommended.

Emilie Cohen Studios framing services include:

  • Exact measurement sizing. With all your choices considered, frames are cut to fit. Custom framing includes cuts up to 1/16 of an inch precision, so measurements can be quite exact.
  • Museum quality conservation materials. Protect your keepsake and keep it in pristine condition. By standing the test of time against deterioration, preservation methods also increase value retention.
  • Variety of choices. When customized – materials, colors, textures and glass styles are based on your personal tastes and design preferences, creating a true one-of-a-kind.
  • Experienced advice and craftsmanship. Artists have an intimate knowledge of color, style, size, proportion and design. If you require advice, guidance can be offered. Using experience, specialized tools and techniques, and high quality materials, ensures a finished product of superior caliber.