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Restoration and Conservation

Restorations by Emilie Cohen Studios

With more than 25 years of gilding and framing experience, the artisans of Emilie Cohen Studios are specialists in the restoration and conservation of gilt and polychrome objects, as well as glass tile, Papier-mâché and wood sculptures. Projects are wide ranging in their uniqueness and challenge. Professional craftsmanship, artistic expertise, joy and feeling are put into restoring each object.

Condition surveys for small and large collections are also available, as well as treatment proposals for objects in need of conservation. Examples of restoration and conversation projects include antique painting and mirror frames, chairs, consoles and other period furniture, jewelry boxes, chandeliers, valances, and architectural elements for interior and exterior ornament.

It is an honor and privilege to work with each client’s project, whether a family heirloom or an object in a public collection.